Allow our experienced instructors to assist you with your First-Aid, CPR, Fire Extinguisher and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator ) needs.

Safety, Training, CPR, ITLS, PHTLS, Emergency Medical

Mission Statement

MEDICS, LLC is dedicated to providing members of allied health, industry and community with the education and resources to live, work, and play in a safer and healthier environment.

Our goal is to convey information in a manner that will engage, excite and inform our clients on how to increase their safety at home, work and play while learning the skills to help someone in need.

It is our belief that education empowers our clients with the ability to increase their safety and to respond and react efficiently and safely to an illness or emergency. Through safety we can improve not only the quality of our own lives but the lives of those we love. From the home to the workplace, safety and well-being must be the first priority. 

With courses such as first aid, CPR, and fire extinguisher training among others, it is our promise to help our clients in developing strategies that can reduce risk and increase safety, while simultaneously preparing for any emergency with the confidence, knowledge and resources to help those in need.

AHA, American Heart Association, Training Center
ASHI, American Safety & Health Institute, Training Center